"Pros always use Manual exposure, A and S are for amateurs ..

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Re: "Pros always use Manual exposure, A and S are for amateurs ..

Joris1632 wrote:

......... who don't know better" - quotes from another forum; any comments? My personal view is that subject and conditions dictate the exposure mode .......

This is an absolute load of crap.

Think of the camera's light metering as a calculator. You have 3 parameters to set, speed, aperture, iso. Simple at that. Regardless of mode, you will select at least one parameter and the 'calculator' will do the rest including filling in the fields that it has calculated. The only difference in the Manual mode is that the 'calculator' tells you what it would set and then you input the number yourself. Nothing more. A person can make the argument that a photographer will adjust the exposure in manual to their preference of more or less exposure than recommended. The argument doesn't work because it denies the existence of the exposure compensation dial in auto modes.

At the end of the day all modes are the same, it's just personal preference on how you prefer to work the controls.

The other proof that '...who don't know better' is a load of crap because if we follow that logic then the same could be said for anyone using any for of light meter and not just knowing the exact exposure by looking at the scene.

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