Yellowstone and the Tetons: an M4/3 Perspective

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Yellowstone and the Tetons: an M4/3 Perspective

After having bothered members of this forum for months in preparation for a trip to Yellowstone and the Tetons, I have finally returned from my trip. A big thank you to the members of this forum who offered tips and suggestions.

Here are some of my thoughts and pictures from the perspective of an M4/3 shooter. Although I took my Nikon D750, and have no regrets about having done so, I shot mostly with my m4/3 gear.  I have another post on the Landscape and Travel forum -- -- that concentrates more on the general photographic experience. Hop on over there for a different set of pictures and commentary.

I took a lot of m4/3 gear, and I used it all, but the Olympus 12-100mm was the star of the show.  That baby stayed glued to my EM5ii the whole trip, and it was my go-to lens. I bought it last spring with the Yellowstone trip in mind, and it served me well. Roughly 2/3 of my "keeper" images were shot with the 12-100mm.

Also, I rented the Olympus 300mm f/4. It's a beautiful lens, but, honestly, the Panasonic 100-300mm was more versatile got more use. If I were a serious birder or wildlife shooter, I would buy the 300mm f/4 in a heartbeat. But I am not. Travel and portraits are my interests, and the big 300mm was just a bit too much for my needs.  I am still glad I rented it, and I definitely enjoyed using it.

Now, for a few pictures.

Wildlife.  We saw lots of wildlife: bison, bears, elk, moose, wolves, and much more. The wolves were too far away for any kind of photograph, even the 300mm with a teleconverter. I did get some pictures of a grizzly in the wild, but those pictures, while meaningful to me as documentation of what I saw, are not worth sharing outside friends and family.  The pictures of grizzlies from the wildlife conservation center, just outside the park, are clearer and more interesting.

Grizzly Bear at the Wildllife Conservation Center. The picture in the wild, which I didn't post, show a grizzly bear peeking out of the foliage and occupying about 1/16 of the frame.

We had a few unexpected sightings, like this bighorn sheep (with only one horn).  According to someone who lives in the area, bighorns stay in the deep backcountry and are rarely seen this close to civilization. This is probably my favorite wildlife picture from the trip.

Big Horn Sheep

Of course, bison are everywhere.

Bison along Lake Yellowstone

Bison around Fountain Flats Drive

Bison in the Lamar Valley

Geysers. I have so many pictures that I don't know where to start. A highlight of the trip was seeing Steamboat, the largest active geyser in the world, erupt.  I have already posted several pictures of Steamboat over on the Landscape forum, so here is another geyser, Clepsydra, from the Lower Geyser Basin.  Clepsydra is not the biggest or most exciting geyser, but I loved the yellow cinder cone playing against the blue sky in this image.

1) Clepsydra Geyser, Lower Geyser Basin

Landscape Abstraction.  I enjoyed playing with semi-abstract compositions in the often surreal landscape.

Moonrise on the Dunraven Pass

Random thermal feature in Upper Geyser Basin

Grand Prismatic Spring, a cliche but still delightful.  (And, yes, those are the natural colors.)

Belgian Pool in the Upper Geyser Basin.   The pool is so named because many years ago a gentleman from Belgium fell into the pool and dissolved ... or so the story goes.

Mammoth Hot Springs. The light was never quite right when I was a Mammoth.  I love the mist and delicacy of this shot, though.

And, finally, a  few from the Tetons.

Schwabacher's Landing (this is just one of many decent shots from this area.)

From Moose Wilson Road

Along the Hidden Falls/Inspiration Point trail

I have rambled on enough for how.  Thanks for looking, and I hope you enjoy!

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