Tales of gear and travel, Sony edition.

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Tales of gear and travel, Sony edition.

Hey all,

Just a little post about using some sony gear out in the wild. Mostly giving my newbie feedback about how i felt using lenses/camera while travelling.

First i wanted to say thanks to all the people of this forum as well as albert dros for helping me pick my gear setup. So moving from olympus this is what i am currently using :

- Sony A73

- Sony 16-35 GM

- Sony 55 1.8

- Canon 70-200 F4 + sigma MC 11

Britanny :

This is my home turf, lot of coastlines and wet environment.

Bag used : LOWEPRO PROTACTIC 450 AW (fits all the gear and filters and more)

going for some soft light on the coast.

Moon eclipse

Wide angle seascape

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Gear feedback :
Sony A73, very happy with it, i do miss the "livetime" feature from the Olympus for very long exposures in changing light. It was a very convenient feature. Also this is the first time i have to worry about dust.
Beside that i am more than happy with image quality, DR is splendid (LOTS of recovery possible in the shadows) and never had to worry about battery life.
Sony 55 : Great lense, tho i must admit am not used to such shallow DOF and will need a while to get used to it and pick the right aperture for the right situation for non-landscape situation.
Sony 16-35 GM : very happy with it, an interesting point is that  in Britanny i use a lot of the lower focal range (16-20) whereas in the dolomites i tried to avoid that range (i guess because in the dolomites i had some spectacular backgrounds that i wanted to keep big enough to matter). For nightscapes i was also very happy with it, mostly because the pictures stack easily (which wasn't the case with the Oly 7-14).
Canon 70-200 + sigma MC11 : The combo is OK for landscape but you mostly have to focus it manually as i found the autofocus to have a hard time locking on focus points (however when it locked it did so accurately.

The Dolomites

Time to move to Italy, my goal was to roam around to do some photography while staying in full autonomy for a while.

Bag/gear :

- Photo bag : Tenba BYOB 13 (fits the lenses + filters but not as convenient as the lowepro)

- actual bag : Deuter ACT lite 60

- Camping gear

- Water (3L)

- Food

- Extra battery

- Warm clothing to be able to not feel too cold while taking pictures of the sunrise/set.

Total weight : 19Kg

Quick comment on the weight, it was indeed too heavy, well not to carry to the photospots i was fine with that but it was hard to move freely around and really scout every location with the bag on my back. However i believe the difference in weight between my oly gear and the sony one was around 1kg.... While it can't be overlooked it would have only been a fraction of my weight.

Trying to make something of all the annoying constraints at laggo di Carezza

Rifugi di laverado

My little house on the hill

Cortina Morning

--- Gear feedback :

Sony 55 1.8 : I Really underused the lense, i feel i still need to grow into the focal length. But when used i loved the results (tho i screwed up my nightscape panoramas (will need to look into some better technique)).
Sony 16-35 : Again worked really well. Although the picture i shared here dont reflect that, i was using the 24-35 range more than the wider end on this trip.
Canon 70-200 : Its light, feels very tanky and gives good pictures. But looking back at my choices when i picked the lense this is the only one of the 3 i would change. Since the autofocus had to be turned off so often i feel i should have went throught the hassle of finding a good Contax 100-300. But overall it did the job i wanted it to do (being cheap , being easy and reliable, give good enough results).
Sony A73 : 2 batteries would get me through roughlt 3 days of shooting (minding the fact that i would mostly shoot during sunrise and sunset hours).
That's all folks, if you have the occasion do go to the Dolomites, it is a splendid place for photography. And well britanny also if you are into seascapes

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