7D Mark II AI Servo Problem/Question

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7D Mark II AI Servo Problem/Question

Hello All,

I am wondering if any 7DMII owners have had similar issues recently as I am having. I primarily shoot high school sports and mostly use my 7DMII in combination with my Canon 70-200 f/2.8 USM II. Towards the end of last season I thought I was getting an increasing number of photos that were just a little off/soft in focus, and since my 70-200 was about five years old I figured it needed some servicing. I sent it to Canon, and they found things that needed to be repaired and so I figured that I had found the problem.

But I'm back to my off/soft problem. It's subtle, but it's there and now I'm thinking that after three years of good use with my 7DMII it may also need to be looked at. A typical example is this picture where I'm focusing on 10 White, but the sharpest focus is 11 Red (I've done nothing to this picture other than crop). I shoot in AI Servo, single point, and for this night I shot with Case 2 for autofocus.

Unrelated to the focus issue was the exceptional effort by both teams at this match. Exciting to say the least!

I have accurately done a micro focus adjustment (MFA) with this lens and camera (it is as accurate as my non-scientific process can be) , but the reality is that we aren't talking about centimeters but feet for what I normally shoot and MFA isn't done in AI Servo anyway.

I'm all about operator error and bad technique, but (without sounding arrogant) this keeps cropping up often enough that I'm having a tough time believing it's me. My camera is also better than three years old, so:

  • Are any 7DMII users seeing AI Servo problems after a few years of good use
  • If you sent your camera to Canon, did they find any AI Servo issues
  • Or....and this could be...could I be expecting too much

I know there were some problems with the 7DMII focus early on, but I did not experience those issues. These are fairly new. Thanks for reading any your opinions.


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