Mode dials or not - what do you prefer?

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Mode dials or not - what do you prefer?

Most cameras offer some sort of mode dials (PASM + Scenes etc.) where as some others (mostly Fujis) offer separate dials for ISO, SS, aperture etc.

I prefer mode dials. This is because it is fast to change scenarios when I don't have time to adjust all dials and eager to get the shots rather than experiment with how to get the best shot.

This is especially useful in travel where I can quickly toggle across full auto, landscape, no-flash, portrait, action shots etc. modes. without mode dial, it would require multiple dials to be adjusted everytime shooting scenario changes.

I prefer mode dials with PASM + different scene modes e.g. landscape, action, no-flash etc.
13.9% 10  votes
I prefer mode dials but PASM only + a scene submenu for futher selection
37.5% 27  votes
I don't like mode dial
23.6% 17  votes
I prefer something else (please specify)
25.0% 18  votes
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