Two camera bodies: same or different?

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fishy wishy
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Two camera bodies: same or different?

For those of you who need to go somewhere with two bodies, do you like to have both bodies the same, or to have each offering something different?

When you have the bodies the same, the ergonomics are the same, and the workflow can be very nearly the same even if shooting different lenses.

When you have different bodies you can still have one as potential backup to the other but it's not completely like-for-like. You could have a 12MP body for rapid shooting and a 36MP body for when you anticipate cropping more, for example.

Do you even keep a backup that is behind the curve nowadays, just because it is cheap, as a third camera perhaps? Or is your third camera that one that offers something a bit different? For instance you might feel obliged to have a 1:1 backup for full frame but like to have a DX around for daylight shooting.

I want my bodies the same
29.4% 20  votes
I want my second body different
45.6% 31  votes
After upgrading, my second body is just an older version of the first, with very similar ergonomics
25.0% 17  votes
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