That stonking big 4K TV you bought for your photos

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Re: That stonking big 4K TV you bought for your photos

I succumbed to the 4k temptation, and picked up what has to be pretty close to the cheapest set you can get - the TCL 43S405 (~250 USD at the moment). I'm only 48 hours into the experiment, but my initial reaction is that this has to be the best $250 I've ever spent on photo. Either straight off a USB drive or via an Intel Stick PC photos look great. I still need to do some work to set up a 'slideshow' folder on our fileserver to allow easily rotating the content, but I think this is going to be a very satisfying way to view photos (and make me feel slightly less guilty about not printing more).

A bit eye-opening though that 8MP images can be a satisfying and remarkably high-quality viewing experience.

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