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FR : Stop Fuji promotion with unfair comparisons


On the hand he can not say Fuji does not cheat and on the other continue to post unfair comparisons, that is a complete nonsense.

And then listen:

  • The Canon EOS R is the new Full Frame.
  • The Fuji seemes to beat the Full Frame !!!! How so ??? The x-trans magic ?

See the small mention:

NOTE: These raw values are not appropriate for comparing camera models because they are not adjusted for gain or area.

Don't you see any contradiction ????

This means that you should not use these graphs for camera comparisons. The reason is that  Canon and Fuji don't use the same ISO calibration... The difference is in fact huge !!!

How insidious is this...

The reality now : Between Fuji and Canon, there is about 2/3 stops difference in the calibration

This means that the Canon graph should be shifted to the right, take about 2/3 of the distance between ISO100 and 200.

He made the comparison with the brand which has the largest bias compared to Fuji !!!

I am to lazy to shift the graph but do it mentally and see how different the graph looks like !!!!

FR; stop this, this is nonsense. You are like insurance companies which fool people with small mentions that nobody understands. But this is clearly not honest. People can make decision to buy a camera based on these comparisons, this is not the only criteria but it takes part in the buying decision.

Of course this is not his first time

Other examples: the medium format outperforms the competiion => Sorry wrong again, they are extremely similar in performance (no surprise, they have the same sensor).

I hope this thread will balance a bit these public lies.

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