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Re: Europe Trip Photographs - Sony A7R III with 28mm F2

Mike Fouc wrote:

Nice images, and great to hear this single lens setup worked so well for you. I'm sure there were plenty of situations where you would have liked a more portrait FL, so I don't need to ask about that. Instead, I'd be curious to know if/when you wanted a wider FL. How wide would have been wide enough? My widest FL now is 28, and I'm trying to decide between a 21 (Loxia (a bit more than I want to spend) or, if it doesn't have the QC issues of the 15, the soon-to-be-released Voigtlander 21) and 15mm (the Laowa/2 or maybe Voigtlander 15 if I can find a good copy). I do mostly street shooting, but would like to dabble more in landscape. 15 and 21 are obviously really different, and 21 is probably the safer (next step) for me, but 15 is such a unique look that I think it would force me to be far more creative in my composition.

Anyway, the idea would be a light travel kit (where camera gear has to fit in with family gear) consisting of a 15 or 21, 35, and 55. All the lens changing would be a pain, so Tam 28-75 might cover most of the bases; that's why I'm curious to know your experience with 28.

I have the Samyang 35/2.8 which is so light you might as well keep it in your bag if you're using primes. I love the 55/1.8 for its light weight and portraits. 55 is not very long, but you got by with 28, so I think for city-based trips, it should be good enough. If I can find a good copy of the CV15 or CV21, that plus the Samyang and Sony 55 would add up to ~650g, so less than the GM zooms and just 100g more than my Tamron 28-75. Thanks.

So, in my experience, the 28mm was wide enough for my shooting style and overall trip documentary work/snapshots. On landscape photos/viewpoints, I often found 28mm was too wide (shooting across a river), just right, or if I needed to go wider, I actually just did a few vertical shots and stitched in post no problem. I was pretty impressed with those stitches as well because you get way more resolution out of that image than if you had lets say a single shot from 16mm.

I didn't care much for church interior photos and the common travel Europe architecture shots, and that is where I'd say some people may want a wider lens than just 28mm. There were some cool modern buildings where I could have spent a good portion of time in there with an ultra-wide, something closer to 16-20mm, but the 28mm still did fine and once you get used to ONE focal length you readjust your style and compositions to work within the constraints you gave yourself.

Final note/disclaimer: Know the trip you're taking, and set your expectations accordingly. This was my first big trip with my fiance. Not a photography trip. If it were, I would have likely brought more gear or at least my 16-35 instead of the 28. I very intentionally chose a small, light lens that could fit in a small sling bag. I carried my camera on my shoulder every single day, all-day, and didn't notice it. That was the goal.

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