How important is the hobby of photography to you?

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Easy Rider
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How important is the hobby of photography to you?

For me it's essential.  Without it in my life (I do travel, street and general walk about, mostly 90% street) I would feel empty and depressed.   I have tried other hobbies but none of them lights me up like photography.  Guitar, nope.  Writing, too introverted...   sports, not for me....    I have a social life and work also but without photography life would really for me not be as good.

The last option is tongue in cheek just for a bit of light hearted-ness and essentially means 'If I did not have photography in my life it would not bother me at all in any way really.'

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Very important to my life. A major aspect of it.
49.3% 37  votes
Somewhat important to my life but if it went away, I could switch to something else and enjoy it as much.
40.0% 30  votes
I can take or or leave it, I prefer posting in debates about equivalence on message boards :P
10.7% 8  votes
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