Panasonic, Sigma & Leica Alliance!

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Re: Panasonic, Sigma & Leica Alliance!

sportyaccordy wrote:

helltormentor wrote:

For two reasons, I think your analogy is not correct. First, Samsung expected to see a sudden success in camera market similar to what they experience in cellphone, TV, or other markets in which they are quite successful. Although I agree with you that NX1 was one of the best cameras available, Samsung should have understood that people in this market are more conservative and they should have thought long term!

Samsung had been in the MILC game for 5 years; how long should they have waited to start making money? Decades?

Panasonic has been in this game long enough to know this. Second, It seems that your focus is just on Panasonic and the camera that is under development and have forgotten Sigma. IMHO, Sigma plays a key role here. Nikon and Canon has refused to share their mount. Although Sony has done it already, Sigma was reluctant to make native lenses for the E mount and just added the adapter at the end of their Art series and called them E-mount.

Panasonic has also been in a bit of a rut growth-wise. And Sigma only has so much bandwidth. They seem to be good for about 6 lenses a year, max. Panasonic is good for maybe 3-4. Leica is not even in the di$cu$$ion. Plus Sigma and Panasonic both serve other systems. So maybe cut that in half. 4-5 lenses a year? Granted Sigma has its ART glass, but that is all heavy and expensive. Everyone might not want that. It's a tough sell against FF MILC systems that are either pretty well fleshed out (Sony FE) or can tap into huge libraries of DSLR glass (Z/RF).

Here might be a different story. If Sigma is going to support the system by providing true native lenses, to me, the table will be easily turned. Nikon and Canon have left too much to be desired.

I'm sure Sigma will; the question is whether they can at a pace that would satisfy the market. Plus I don't think Sigma will make lenses that are exclusive to this system... that's just not a good way to use capital/resources. So then what exactly is the draw? If you don't do pro video (Panasonic), shoot landscapes exclusively (Sigma Foveon, which has kind of been killed by pixel shift), or have money spilling out of every orifice (Leica), what's the draw? What about this system should make me as a Sony FE shooter want to sell all my stuff and move over? Because THAT'S really the only path to success here.

Al true. It's hard to imagine an Airbus success here when the market is already well covered with existing product. Granted, there is still truly only one MILC FF camera, but this consortium had better hurry up if they expect any success at all.

It sounds good on paper, but the hurdles are very big. They have to pull users from Sony and soon Nikon. (I don't think the Canon offering is all that strong yet.) They will have to convince those users that this system is in it for the long haul.

But it feels too much like a fishing expedition and not enough like a serious effort. They surely reading every reply in every forum to gauge real interest and flesh out a potential marketing plan.

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