Exchange my D750 for a DF ?

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Re: Exchange my D750 for a DF ?

Nikonlinks wrote:

DJF77 wrote:

The two concerns I have are autofocus and resolution, but I’ve never printed much bigger than A3 and I tend to use centre point and recompose 90% of the time.

not bothered by no video or lack of tilt screen or 1 card slot, but I would like to know how well the centre autofocus point focuses and particularly in low light as I’m sure it isnt as good as the D750 in that regard.

Come on DF owners, what would you do?

FWIW, I currently have a D5, D810, and Df. I use the Df more than the other two combined. The images from the D4/Df sensor are more pleasing to me, and apparently many others if you read the multiple Df sensor love threads here.

Yes the D810 and especially the D5 have better autofocus. The AF on the Df does just fine for me. I use it almost exclusively in 3D mode. The Df is not my first choice tor birds in flight but it works fine in most situations. The Df autofocus in 3D mode is definitely better than in single point which is counter to my experience with most other cameras.

Besides all the above, I simply like the metallic feel and how the Df operates like a machine instead of a computer.

I have a similar set of bodies, the Df is my favorite  grab when I want to go out have fun.

In my most recent outing the Df mounted to Chubby yield shots superior to D810 with 24-70 and the D5 70-200, but of course having Chubby wasn't fair, LOL

People over obsess specs. having the best specs and sometimes forget the process is as important as long as the camera doesn't stop or hinder the process.

Df has a few quirks but is pretty able and good enough, so maybe people can just enjoy the process versus debate the my camera is better than yours ;D

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