Would Lumix FF 4:3 aspect do better?

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Re: More like a particular diagonal

FrancoD wrote:

Joseph S Wisniewski wrote:

FrancoD wrote:

Full Frame is a particular size , 36x24mm, that happens to be 3:2.

More like a particular diagonal, 43.3mm. Sensor size is mostly measured in terms of diagonals. Sometime in terms of area. Seldom in H and V dimensions.

It just happens that only cameras with a sensor size of 36x24 are called by manufacturers and consumers "Full Frame".

You're confusing cause and effect.

It just happens that the only currently manufactured 43.3mm diagonal sensors are in the 3:2 aspect.

You don't want a 4:3 aspect in a full DSLR, because a 4:3 43.3mm camera has a 26x34.6mm sensor, and that extra 2mm vertical adds another 3mm to the mirror and therefore to the backfocus (distance from rear lens element to sensor) so you end up with more complicated wide angle and normal lens designs, and louder, more vibration prone SLR mechanisms.

But on a mirrorless, those aren't factors any more, it's just as easy to make a 26x34.6 as a 24x36.

The biggest problem is the inherent ugliness of the 4:3 sensor for most general photography. TVs aren't running aspects of 1.72 (16:9) by coincidence, you know. The 4:3 aspect ratio is a throwback to the days when TVs used round CRTs to show an image, and programming was geared around a "two head dialogue".

Neither of theses things are true any more. Let 1930 go, it's a bit past its bed time.

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