New Apple iPhone Xs photo features impressive...BUT!res

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Dexter75 wrote:

Its a pretty misleading video. Did you read the comments on it? Here are just a few of the good ones...

"That billboard was printed from a 24.5”w x 7.5”h, 300dpi, CMYK file (without bleed, 15.12 MP). The artwork is a composite of several images, and the photo of the girl in the adirondack chair was taken with an iPhone. Layered photoshop files usually get sent to the billboard printer, so vector text prints a little cleaner than the raster layers, and the printed vinyl ends up being about 12.5 ppi (before any upsampling is done in the print software). I share an office with the creative team, AMA."

"This is a limited experiment because it looks at only one aspect of a photograph. It also makes an error in looking at the graphics while discussing the photograph. The number 4 is produced in Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop and its resolution is independent from the photograph. Secondly, while a high quality lens can produce high sharpness in a low resolution photograph, usually low resolution sensors are paired with lower quality lenses and good sharpness is absent in that case. Thirdly, an image contains much more than edge sharpness. Higher Mp images produce more detail between the sharp edges and this extra detail is visibly absent from lower Mp images even at larger distances. Fourth, the same image reproduced on a billboard will be printed in many media from online to art magazines, each with various resolution requirements. Fifth, long before the image is on the billboard it must be sold to the client and he or she will be looking at prints up close and more Mp do make a difference at that point. Sixth, the graphic designer wants high resolution delivered so he/she can crop etc as much as they want - try telling a graphic designer that 2Mp is enough and you will be laughed off the job. Seventh, while digital sensors have excellent edge sharpness at lower Mp levels, and is superior to film, digital color resolution is not as good and only matches film at the 20Mp+ mark. In theory 2 Mp are enough, but in practice, about 18/20Mp or more is the current resolution suitable for most professional jobs for quality results."

All they are saying is that for professional jobs there are reasons why it's desirable to use higher resolutions. They even acknowledge that "in theory, 2MP are enough".

None of it denies the basic math that if you view a 300 dpi, 6x4" print at 0.5 metres it will look just as sharp as a 3 dpi, 600x400" (15x10 metres) billboard at 50 metres.

Only a matter of hours ago you were saying how great the "Giant prints and billboards shot with iPhones as old as the 6 " were. How do you think the iPhone 6  produced such great billboards at 8MP, when your quote above suggests "18/20MP or more" are required? In case the answer is not obvious, it's because 8MP are more than enough.

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