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Earlier this year, I replaced my aging 27" iMac with a new Mac Mini and a Philips 43 inch 4k TV. The Mini was not the best idea and I should have looked into all the specs more before I bought it. The Mini will only output 4k at 15fps and everything shows up real small on the screen so I am actually running it at 1080p. The TV is and Mini are directly connected via HDMI.

The TV is my monitor and sits on my desk about 2.5 feet from my face. All of my photo files are in my Dropbox in various subfolders. I am constantly using all of the photos in one of the subfolders as rotating wallpaper with each image on screen for one minute. Each image displays as a 38x26 inch photo with the top two and bottom two inches cropped off by the screen size. It's not pixel peeping but at this size, I can see images that are out of focus or have other flaws that I did not see on the 27" iMac. I started with about 7300 files, which included RAW and Jpeg pairs and I'm down to about 1900 worth keeping.

What's your take on the colour ? Getting sRGB or better ?

The TV comes with at least 20 different profiles including SRGB and Adobe RGB. I have it set to an Apple profile called SD 170-M. To my eyes it's a match to what I see in my X100F and previous Fujis, all set to SRGB, plus actual commercial prints of my work. It looks great.

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