Question on 24-70/2.8 lenses

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Question on 24-70/2.8 lenses

Hi. I was planning to order a Tamron 24-70/2.8 G2, which was an obvious choice for me due to the cost and I also have its 70-200/2.8 (the first version, not G2).

The plan is to use the new 24-70/2.8 on a D750 (to buy refurbished) and the 70-200/2.8 goes on the D7200. This will be my 2-camera setup.

Since the Z cameras were announced, I have been reading all the reviews with curiosity and found that the 24-70/2.8 G2 does not AF on Z cameras. May be, a firmware update will come along but right now it doesn't AF.

Just for that insurance, I started looking at the Nikon lenses again. The newer E lens is $2,400 and the older G lens is $1,800.

For some reason, I had the impression that the newer E lens is much better than the older G lens. However, the ratings below say otherwise. You may argue that these ratings are flawed but for my purposes let's say that they are equally flawed for all the lenses listed! So, it doesn't matter for this comparison.

Not behind by a material margin but I expected the E lens to be way ahead of the G lens

Interestingly, while the older Tamron is rated slightly better, the newer G2 is not on the list (may be, they didn't test it, yet).

So, I am thinking of different options...

  1. buy the cheaper Nikon version for guarantee to work with a Z body.
  2. buy the Tamron as originally planned and hope for compatibility later ($500 cheaper, meaning that much closer to a Z body!)
  3. buy a Sigma instead because it works with the FTZ adapter!
  4. Actually a wild fourth option... will the Z6 + 24-70/F4 be a viable alternative? I need to explore my shooting conditions and lighting to see if I can get by with an F4.

I don't plan on buying a Z body right now but may be in a year or two. The lens I buy now will still be used then. If it's not compatible, then I'd have to rule out a Z body

The Nikon E lens is definitely more than I can spend right now.

First question, what would you recommend? I don't need it today; can wait around 4 months.

Second question, how is the Nikon E version better than the G version... usability, durability, future proof, etc.? I would imagine that both these will be rated relatively lower when a S line f/2.8 lens comes out.

I feel that the future of Nikon cameras and lenses has taken a new direction with Z announcement. I cannot change what I already have. I am trying to figure out the best option going forward so that my lenses are not obsolete in in five years. At the same time I can't spend a fortune right now on the latest and greatest.


Edit: Not the best insurance plan but in the worst case Sigma also offers a (paid) mount change! May be they will offer Z mount in future!! Thanks.

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