New Apple iPhone Xs photo features impressive...BUT!res

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2eyesee wrote:

What size billboard? Viewed at what distance?

It's not about megapixels - it's this relationship between resolution and viewing distance that will determine how sharp the billboard will look. Depending on this, 3MP may be more than enough.

They explain it all in the video I linked earlier, but you obviously haven't watched it - if you had you wouldn't be so vehemently defending your position. It's only 7 minutes of your life and you may learn something.

I have watched it and its absurd logic. They claim for your average photo viewed at 2 feet (closest viewing distance) you only need 286ppi which is only 2MP. So by that logic, none of us need more than 2MP cameras. I assume you dont have anything more than a 2MP camera? None of us need more than 2MP cameras right? Lets just go back to cell phones from 12 years ago and use them to shoot all our pics and we are all good right? Absurd.

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