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Dexter75 wrote:

Not really. I just think the colors are terrible on the Pixel 2 in those shots. Ive seen free phones from Walmart do a better job with IQ and colors than that. "Mushy" details from guys who test phones who dont know what they are doing in regards to taking proper photos. I think the Pixel looks ridiculously over sharpened. We all know that the iPhone produces brilliant photos when someone who knows what they are doing is using one. Just take a look at the "Shot on iPhone" campaign and do a Google search for proof aside from what Ive already posted. Giant prints and billboards shot with iPhones as old as the 6.

You need to educate yourself about the relationship between viewing distance and resolution:

So to give you an example, you only need a 3 MP image to produce a 6 x 4 inch print at 300 ppi that will look sharp when viewed 0.6 metres away.

If you printed that same 3 MP image at 4 ppi, you would end up with approximately a 12 x 8 metre "billboard" that would look just as sharp from 50 metres away.

In summary, billboard size prints mean nothing because typical viewing distances are much greater.

Heck, go look at people posting their photos on the Mac Rumors forum, they aren't even reviewers much less photographers and they are posting much better results than these guys at the Verge did. The Verge are known Apple haters, it wouldn't surprise me if they intentionally did something to these photos to make them look like that, or that was a pre-production test model. There are random people on Apple forums taking better quality photos than what they did lol.

I guess DPReview are part of this conspiracy by "Apple haters" too?

Google Pixel 2 is the best smartphone for stills photographers

"In fact the camera is impressive enough that this long time iPhone user would consider switching for that reason alone."

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