Color management...about to rip my hair out all over again

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Color management...about to rip my hair out all over again

I recently started taking  more photos again and Post process...

I use cs6 and mostly on1 raw 2018 now .

I have monitor calibrated with spyder 4

Cs6 and on1 are set on S RGB standard 2.1 profile or whatever  its called exactly

Both display the files correctly however if i open it any simple viewer the colors are way off. Win 10 photos... tried irfanview ... fast stone viewer and acd see . All show different  ( and same between  those 3) colors then cs6 and on1

Browsers dont seem to be color profile aware neither so when posting photos online only God know how( horrible) they  might look to others .

Seems  like i can't  win and about to get frustrated  to the point giving up all together.

Any simple solution to this? Switch to mac? Or what...

I could buy factory calibrated monitor  ( hardware calibrated accurate panel) but they are not cheap plus im on the go ALL the time  so that is not a solution really as i use laptop all the time

Any help would be appreciated

Thank you

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