That stonking big 4K TV you bought for your photos

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Re: LG 55" OLED - I'm hooked

Carey Brown wrote:

Ron Poelman wrote:

how well is is working out ?
Do you keep it near the computer to help with editing ?
Did it end up in another room just for displaying photos full time ?
Did it end up being "just" a TV which you use once in a blue moon to look at some photos ?
Did you buy a cheapie and properly adjusted, found it more than good enough or should you have spent more ?
If you spent a bomb, was it worth it ?
Just interested in usage experiences.
FWIW, we can buy 60" of 4K here for OZ $600, i'm sure the motion is rubbish, but people seem to be able to get the colour about right; why spend more for stills ?

I bought an LG OLED 55" TV last xmas. It has the most amazing picture, clear bright, good color, and amazing viewing angle (near 180degrees).

I'm running a PLEX media server on a QNAP NAS box and the smart TV has a PLEX client app. My photos look amazing! You do start to notice some flaws in your photos when they're that large.

That would only mean you are viewing the photos too close up. If you view the photo where you can see/appreciate the entire photo at one time, you should never see flaws. Think 4x6 and billboards

Overall though, the TV is primarily used as a TV. The TV or the PLEX client software has a bug in it so that when I'm playing a slide show it (?) times out and goes into screen saver mode.

I paid a premium for OLED but I don't regret it for an instant. I researched TVs for a year and OLED wins hands down.

For the computer I'm looking at getting a Dell 43" 4k/UHD monitor. I wish LG made an OLED that was 43" I'd buy it in an instant.

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