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D750 - Spot appearing on photos


So I recently switched to the world of full-frame back in May with a new Nikon D750. For the most part, it's been an awesome camera, until last week when I was looking at some photos that I had taken over Labor Day Weekend and noticed a random spot just left of center near the top of one photo. To my surprise, this wasn't just in that photo -- it was in basically in all the photos I had taken, though it was not obviously visible in others without manipulating the lighting.

Ok, so then I basically did three things.

1. I currently own two lenses, a Nikon 28-300mm and Samyang 14mm. I noticed the spots on photos taken with the 28-300mm, so I thought it was maybe a problem with that lens. While the spot is much less visible on photos taken with the 14mm lens, it shows up there too. So it's certainly not a lens-specific issue.

2. I checked to see if the spot appeared in my earliest photos taken with the camera. They definitely didn't show up in earlier shots, but photos from mid-July it started appearing. I thought it was odd especially because I hadn't taken my camera on any trips during that time period.

3. Looking at photos it did seem to be around the time I purchased the 14mm as a secondary lens, and showed up in some of the first photos I took with the 14mm (this is mid-July). I suspected that perhaps changing the lens during this time could have resulted in residue getting on the filter or mirror and that it needed to be cleaned. But after inspecting the (locked) mirror as described in the manual, I couldn't see anything, it looked clean to me.

So now I'm not sure what's wrong, but this is bothering me a lot given that this was an expensive purchase that I waited a while to go forward with. I previously owned a D3300 for several years and never had encountered any problems like this.

shot with 14mm, spot appears very faintly but is clearly visible if you zoom in.

shot with 28-300mm, spot is clearly visible even without zooming in.

Anyone experienced or heard of something like this before?

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