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I tested Nikon 500mm pf and with tc 1.4 iii attached i cannot achieve sharp pictures at 1/100 handheld.

I have no problem with 200-500 with tc 1.4 to get sharp photos. Even 1/250 looks better with 200-500mm. I know my tests are rather extreme but i would expect vr in new 500mm pf to be at least as efficient as in 200-500mm.

Can some owners compare vr in 200-500mm and new 500mm pf? I recall 300mm pf had some problems with vr in first batches.

This gentleman seems to be getting decent results at these "problem" shutter speeds (apologies if the link has already been posted):

I have used the lens on my D850 for a few hours yesterday (with no TC) and so far I have not had any problems at 1/100 s. The lens is very sharp, slightly sharper than the 200-500 at long distances and with slightly less vignetting, but very close to the 200-500 (meaning it‘s excellent). I have tried many different shutter speeds. There are a few blurry shots at 1/40 s, but that‘s to be expected. The lens is incredibly light, much lighter than the 200-500mm but then of course less versatile if you need the 200-500mm range. Bought the lens for handheld aircraft photography where weight is critical. The 200-500mm is still an absolute bargain, an excellent lens. The better choice for most people. The 500mm f/5.6 is good if every gram counts (travelling, handheld aircraft photography).


You shooting in continuous high mode or one shot at a time?

One shot at a time. At 1/100 s, I usually don’t use continuous high mode anymore.

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