The Outdated A-mount to E-mount adapter issue

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Re: The Outdated A-mount to E-mount adapter issue

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Paul Barnard wrote:

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MILC man wrote:

no new screw-drive lenses in over 10 years proves that sony has phased out screw-drive af.

see how you can't admit that Nikon still sells just as many new screw-drive lens models as sony does...

Is that true? Can you point them out on Nikon's website?

count the brand-new Nikon screw-drive lenses for sale here:

Some of those lenses look really old. Are they still current?

they are still for sale brand new.

did you get the part where Nikon has just as many screw-drive lenses for sale as sony?

Regardless, even without those lenses, Nikon has more supported lenses

Nikon has more lenses than a-mount does, so "more supported lenses" is hardly a revelation, and it's not relevant to this part of the discussion, which is screw-drive lens support.

Nikon failed to support it's screw-drive lens owners, with af on z-mount camera bodies.

we really don't know what the functionality is, because the cameras are not on the market yet.

total lens count is irrelevant, canikon has always had more lenses than a-mount.

Even if they tossed those AFD users behind, Nikon still has more supported F-mount lenses, than Sony has supported A-mount lenses.

and f-mount has more lenses than a-mount overall, so of course f-mount will have more supported lenses.

Thats the whole point. Sony needs the LA-EA4 to compete with Nikon MILC's adapted lenses. The LA-EA4 needs to be better.

There is really not many ways for me to say the same thing. Whats wrong with complaining for a new adapter?

if you want to use obsolete dslr lenses, why not just move to Nikon?

i'd much rather be using modern sony fe glass, than anything in the ancient f-mount lens lineup.

Well you would be out of luck if you are looking for the 135mm F1.8, 16mm F2.8 fisheye, 300mm F2.8 or 500mm F4.

It becomes a huge difference if you exclude the LA-EA4, which has AF.

The LA-EA4 adapter kind of supports old lenses... but not really, since it doesnt use the Camera's AF. It uses the AF from a 2010 camera

we all know how the laea4 works... or rather, doesn't always work, lol

It works, but you arent using your $2000-4500 Camera's AF. You are using AF from a 2010 camera (A33/A55).

Isn’t the point that Sony now have a big enough e-mount catalogue that they DON’T want people to adapt a-mount glass. In fact there is probably only a very small number of a-mount shooters who are even considering switching to e-mount. To me it seems clear that it would be counter productive for Sony to release an enhanced EA4.

If you go in this direction, and considering the fact that according you there is so meaningless A-mount users htat have gone e-mount (Which is not the case), how do you call the fact that Sony has opened its protocole ?

Opened protocole that has given Metabones at its fifth generation.

Opened protocole that allows the more relevant numbers of Canon shooters to go e-mount with al their very own Canon glass.

Canon shooter with their very own Canon glass that won't buy Sony lenses due t the fact that they already have the glass.

As a A-mount user, I find it totally inacceptable that I use a sony adapter, with a Sony lens on a Sony body and I get less support and less features than someone with a random-brand adapter and Canon glass on the same body.

I had added this to my list of stupidities that make me think that I can now go away from Sony for sure. just keeping my A-mount beside and go other ML system besides.

Unfortunately it’s probably the reality. Sony care about the bottom line more than the users. They will carefully do the math and if they are still selling a-mount in significant volume they might consider a new adaptor to entice those users to e-mount. However given that a-mount was already in a death spiral when e-mount was launched I would suspect that sales of a-mount glass are very small and probably to a small niche user group at that. I have a modest range of a-mount glass which has simply not been used since I switched to e-mount. I do have an EA4 but it sucks and frankly so, to a large extent, does the a-mount glass compared to the e-mount alternatives.
If you were part of a large vibrant group spending large amounts on glass, sure, expect Sony to care and to want to help you transition but they aren’t going to do it if all your going to buy is a body and an adaptor.

Body and adaptor is exactly what Canon Nikon users are doing.  They don't need to  buy the emount glass neither

And now that there are Canikon ML there are even chances that they just leave the emount side.

Bodies are passing  but glasses stay.

Why buying new lenses when you already have what you need ?

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