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I remember reading interviews from Fuji personnel some years ago and they were almost "scared" or "humbled" of the NX processing power, the huge leap from previous Fuji cameras to the XT-3 could be explained with only a significant partening, and it can only be Samsung.

As I have said before, 28megapixels was a bold move by Samsung in 2014, when Fuji and m43 had 16megapixels, I could easily accept a BSI sensor with less (let's say 26 😉) megapixels, but better low light (especially for video) performance.

It seems that Fuji is the first to brake the Sony monopoly in sensors selling, the new Panasonic FF is rumored to have a new JazzTower FF sensor (ofcourse we know nothing about this camera yet) and Canon will - mostly - keep manufacturing their own.

Let's see what the 🇰🇷 🇯🇵 co operation will bring to the table.

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