The Outdated A-mount to E-mount adapter issue

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Re: The Outdated A-mount to E-mount adapter issue

tqlla wrote:

MILC man wrote:

tqlla wrote:

MILC man wrote:

they are still for sale brand new.

did you get the part where Nikon has just as many screw-drive lenses for sale as sony?

still waiting for you and havoc to address that...

I have addressed it several times. You are clearly not reading.

you repeatedly questioned the validity of it, then said nothing.

that's not what i'm talking about... the point is that Nikon isn't in any better shape with screw-drive lenses than sony is, in fact with z-mount Nikon has abandoned it's screw-drive user base.

that's the level of understanding that i'm referring to.

you are fixated on trolling the laea4, which won't do a bit of good.

and f-mount has more lenses than a-mount overall, so of course f-mount will have more supported lenses.

Thats the whole point. Sony needs the LA-EA4 to compete with Nikon MILC's adapted lenses.

I don't agree with that at all.

you can already adapt Nikon glass to sony milc, and many sony milc owners were former Nikon owners, look at the poll:

Nikon adapted lenses are terrible on E-mount.

the success of e-mount is much bigger than just a-mount owners buying into the system; it's largely been other brand owners switching to e-mount, that have made e-mount the monster success that it is.

How long is that going to last, now that Nikon and Canon users have a path to FF mirrorless, and can use most of their own lenses almost like native glass?

for years, given that canikon doesn't have any native lenses.

how will Nikon owners use canon dslr glass? and vice-versa?

Sony has less supported first party glass, and 1/3 of the Sony adapted glass is stuck using AF from 2010.

no, because "1/3 of the Sony adapted glass is stuck using AF from 2010." does not take 3rd-party a-mount lenses into consideration, nor does it address the 24 sam/ssm sony branded a-mount lenses, that have been released in the last 10 years; sony quit making screw-drive lenses a long time ago.

don't repeat the unsubstantiated havoc nonsense, lol

There is really not many ways for me to say the same thing. Whats wrong with complaining for a new adapter?

it's spitting into the wind.

several people have already posted here that it won't happen, much as we want it do.

No one here is the authority on what Sony will do. If more people complain, Sony is more likely to respond.

have you made the effort to actually post your concerns about this to the official sony forum?

constantly repeating it out here won't do a thing.

if you want to use obsolete dslr lenses, why not just move to Nikon?

i'd much rather be using modern sony fe glass, than anything in the ancient f-mount lens lineup.

Well you would be out of luck if you are looking for the 135mm F1.8, 16mm F2.8 fisheye, 300mm F2.8 or 500mm F4.

the sigma 135 art is already in e-mount, and sony will soon have an e-mount version of it's own.

the sigma 500/4 kills it on the a9, at 15fps, and there are 300/2.8 options as well.

that's the thing about e-mount; even if sony itself doesn't yet have what you want, something else is available.

The Sony 135mm F1.8 could be here tomorrow,

they'll announce it next month.

or it could be here next year. Its been rumored for a very long time. The Sigma 500mm F4 and the 300mm F2.8 are adapted 3rd party lenses.

that work very well.

You are really moving the goalpost here.

why are you trying to ignore adapted lens situations that work well.

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