That stonking big 4K TV you bought for your photos

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Re: Good post, nice to hear from a pioneer

Ron Poelman wrote:

TheClueless wrote:

I've been experimenting with multi-TV displays with NVIDIA Mosaic (the commercial-use version of Surround) as solely picture and video displays, and there are a few problems I have with the setups for stills. With video it's absolutely not a problem of course because you're not contemplating everything frame by frame.

First, aspect ratio. You can arrange monitors in various configurations but I've never got a setup that looks right with 4:3 and 3:2 ratio photos. I really need large 3:2 monitors to make this happen.

Second, when you go multimonitor then you have to deal with bezels - and while it's getting smaller every year, it's still a factor. Mosaic corrects for bezels but when you're looking at the pix it just looks wrong.

Lastly is the impact for size - I find that I need significantly bigger monitors than I need for prints to create the same kind of impact on the wall with a shot, when you're actually looking at it as opposed to using it as electronic wallpaper. Which inevitably means multiple monitors, and this can end up overwhelming the wall you have the setup on. I'm not sure if that comes through as a proper explanation but it's definitely a problem for me.

So next trial, I'm going bigger with QLED TV's. I suspect I won't be happy until 8K ~50" 3:2 monitors magically appear though.

That, I would pay to see; I can pass on the name of my neck surgeon.
Personally, I think 32" is the outer limit for a monitor at a desk.
Will you be moving yours back from the 50" screen ?
Maybe a bit of Star Wars cockpit in the middle of the room with built in Esky ?

Of course it's not intended to be sat in front of - it's a wall display.

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