X-H1 or X-T3?

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X-H1 or X-T3?

I have the option to buy one of these allround cameras for the same price. Both sell at about €1500,- What should I do?

It appears to me that there’s hardly any difference between both sensors regarding detail and resolution, so I can put those aside.

Another thing is less obvious. Both cameras have weather sealed bodies. Weather sealing for me is mostly useful on rainy days when there is of course less light to work with.

However, I have two IOS lenses and neither of them is weather sealed. To my regret most Fujinon WR lenses don’t have IOS and I won’t take these NON WR IOS lenses into the rain. Water will drip in and eventually reach the inside camerabody even if it's weather sealed.

Apart from dusty conditions, what camera do you recommend for lower light photo shooting on a rainy day?

Although in my opinion the X-H1 grip results in way better ergonomics, there is lot of review comment on the bulkiness of the XH-1 and its non Fuji DSLR appearance. To me it’s just very comfortable to hold in one hand and I gather the X-H1 won’t slip out of it easily when the body gets wet.

To prevent the X-T3 from slipping away you probably have to attach a grip of some kind. An L-plate grip will add to the bodyweight and size so it will match the X-H-1’s. Apart from that the X-T3 will look a lot uglier and much less Fuji-like with a third party accessory attached. At the other hand when pointing the X-H1 your fingers will fold over the X-H1 grip. Your street model only encounters part of an easy design with a modest Fujifilm logo which is still not more obtrusive than pointing a X-T3 if you ask me.

On that rainy day without IBIS you have to carry around a tripod. So how bulky is that? To take a picture you have to unfold the tripod, place it steady while searching for solid ground, bend away obstacles, adjust the height and the direction, tighten the screws, look in the EVF just to see the birds fly away from you Indeed you need the X-T3’s super fast autofocus and edge to edge phase detect pixels to catch a glimpse of those guys at the very edges of your frame. With IBIS you just point and shoot, I think.

I also wonder about the practicality of the video specs for my use. The X-T3 takes 4K at 60 FPS but still copies the shaking limbs of the videographer. You will get excellent image quality stuttering anyhow. The X-H1’s IBIS supports you to record your own motion real smooth, although at the cost of 30 FPS.

Perhaps the better X-T3 will be the X-H2. This makes me wonder. I didn’t even unpack an X-H1 and it’s already growing old on me fast. The comfort is that the same applies to the X-T3.

Fujifilm X-H1 Fujifilm X-T3
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