**JUST HOW GOOD IS YOUR FZ300 (330)?**

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**JUST HOW GOOD IS YOUR FZ300 (330)?**

With Photokina 2018 due to commence in a just a few days, I’m left wondering whether Panasonic will announce an upgrade to the FZ330. Actually, as I’ve owned one since its release date in 2015, during which time I’ve come to appreciate how fantastic and valuable a tool it is for my own photographic requirements, I’m not sure that Panasonic will recognise any areas upon which they might improve the model.

Hence I’m kind of hoping for rather than expecting any upgrade to appear, mainly because I feel that upon release in 2015, the 330 was way ahead of its time. Three-years on, and no other camera in its class can currently match what the FZ330 offers for the price. It remains by far the best in its class and one of the most popular FZs to date, two points I don’t doubt will be confirmed by any panasonic-stocking retailer you might care to ask.

Don’t get me wrong here. Whilst the 330 is certainly the best FZ I’ve ever owned (including the 20, 28, 38, 150, 200 and 80, with the latter being by far the worst from an OOC Jpeg perspective), it still harbours the annoying flaw of occasional miss focus found in previous incarnations, despite Panasonic having switched to its more favoured DFD technology, which I’m left wondering may not be completely suited to the small sized sensor found in this type of camera.

Of course, I acknowledge that DFD has brought along increased speed, but in my experience it remains prone to similar flaws associated with older contrast detect systems in terms of intermittently behaving badly at longer focal lengths, from hunting in various scenarios we wouldn’t necessarily expect from relatively new tech, to fooling us into thinking sharp focus has been obtained when it has not, which we might only discover after uploading photos to the PC.

I’m not suggesting that the 330’s permanently dogged by these flaws or that to some degree they cannot be predicted and allowed for through our experience in the field of wildlife photography. I’m just disappointed that even with DFD, the autofocus system found in the 330 remains unnecessarily unreliable compared to what a phase detection system may offer.

Hence, if there was just one improvement I’d wish see Panasonic make re any 330 upgrade, it would be the addition of Phase Detection (PD) over DFD. Alas, however, the company seems hell-bent on persisting with DFD tech, so I’ll live in hope that one day they’ll make it equally as reliable as PD.

Considering all that the FZ330 offers beyond this one particular gripe (such as superb handling, all the 4K gadgetry, the weather sealing, the f2.8 600mm lens, the superb still image results that can be coaxed from the model, and much more), I guess I can live with an occasional miss-focus issue, the likes of which is not too dissimilar from that found on every FZ incarnation I’ve ever encountered.

Overall, for the money I paid back in 2015, or indeed would readily pay again today if no upgrade is forthcoming, the FZ330 is the best truly small sensor bridge camera available in the current market.

So, assuming you own one too, just how good is your FZ300 (330)?

And by all means feel free to share any photos if you wish.

Kind regards and happy snapping to all.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ300
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