The Outdated A-mount to E-mount adapter issue

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Re: The Outdated A-mount to E-mount adapter issue

MILC man wrote:

havoc315 wrote:

MILC man wrote:

that is totally irrelevant to your false claim that sony hasn't phased out screw-drive af in a-mount lenses.

They haven't. 8 out of 13 of their prime lenses still use screw drive. That isn't anywhere close to having phased them out.

what part of "the last 24 a-mount lenses that sony has released have NOT been screw-mount lenses; sony hasn't released a screw-drive lens in over 10 years, so they have indeed phased out screw-drive lenses." do you not understand.

You are dense.  HALF of their current lenses still use screw drive and have NOT been updated.  You're citing numbers with no context, hoping to mislead and confuse.

If the phase out is complete, where is the SSM A-mount macro lens?  Where is the SSM 85/1.4?  Where is the SSM 135/1.4?


it's like actual facts don't mean anything to you, lol

your brain just can't seem to process it!

see how you can't admit that Nikon still sells just as many new screw-drive lens models as sony does...


HAHAHA . Yes, and here is the list that contains those brand new Nikon screw-mount lenses that are still not "phased out" as you keep trying to put it:

You are really being dense.  Sure, for example, Nikon does indeed have in their inventory a 50/1.8D.   (I don't know any retailer that actually still carries it apart from B&H that carries everything).  But they also have a 50mm/1.8 with AF-S.

Guess which one almost everyone buys!!!

They aren't selling too many of those 50mm 1.8D lenses!

Almost every one of those D-lenses already has a AF-S replacement!

On the other hand, 8 out of the 13 primes offered in a-mount are still exclusively screw drive!

But again, I invited you to stop talking about Nikon!

Let's pretend I never mentioned Nikon, since you are FIXATED on it.

Your attitude seem to basically be, "I don't care about how good Sony is, as long as an argument can be made that they are better than Nikon!"

So pretend I never mentioned Nikon.

Sony fails to provide pass-thru adapter support to 80% of Minolta/Sony A-mount lenses, instead they only provide support equivalent to 2010 aps-c dSLT.

I want them to update their support.

Why are you so fixated on Nikon?!?!???

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