Canon Prograf + ICC + OSX = color errors

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Canon Prograf + ICC + OSX = color errors


I recently purchased a Canon Prograf 2000 printer for my custom printing business. I am currently using an Epson 7880, which I like very much. For a variety of reasons I'm adding a CanonPrinter into the mix (mainly about easy of using third party inks--but at this point I'm using Canon OEM ink).

I use Epson premium luster roll paper with the 7880. Multiple vendors and online claims that the Epson premium luster paper will work perfectly well in the Canon printer. Some believe it is the same paper, or produced by the same company. I see little difference in the papers, but since I use custom profiles the small differences should go away.

I print using an excellent program called ImageNest, produced by BlueCubit. I can make print packages with it of any size and variety efficiently layed out on a roll sheet. I cannot highly recommend this product highly enough, as well as the support and integrity of the company. They simply the best.

I have used for several years a custom profile produced with a ColorMunki. I occasionally print from Adobe LightRoom, and use the same profile as I do with ImagNest, and the results are identical. I have a good match between print and screen on my iMac 5K running Sierra and the prints from the 7880 (and this has been true since Yosemite--no color matching problems with ColorSynch or ICC profiles on this system).

I created a profile using the ColorMunki for the Canon Printer. The results, however, are unacceptable: with LightRoom, the images are a bit lighter than I'd like, and don't match the screen. They do not have a strong magenta cast, though, as they do when used with ImageNest.

When I use the same profile in ImageNest, the results are strongly magenta. I noticed that when I alter color settings in the Canon Driver, they have minimal effect in ImageNest, but work as expected in LightRoom. It seems that LR and Imagenest handle the ICC profile differently and it interacts differently with the Canon driver, but also incorrectly.

I have also tried selecting Colorsync in the print driver and selecting the profile from within the driver, rather than from the app. The results are the same.

In whatever computer or app managed color I try, the Color Munki profile for the Canon produces inconsistent and unacceptable results; the results on the same computer with the Epson 7880 are perfect. Nothing else is different except for the printer and the age of the profile.

I have reproduced the same results with two other current Macs, one running Sierra, and the other High Sierra.The results are the same as with my iMac 5K: Epson + Color Munki profile = fine. Canon + profile = too light in LR and strongly magenta in IN.

Has anyone had this experience and solved problem? I'm chasing my tail this point. I have lots of trouble shooting experience with printers, computers, software, But this one is kicking my butt.

Many thanks!

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