The Outdated A-mount to E-mount adapter issue

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Re: The Outdated A-mount to E-mount adapter issue

havoc315 wrote:

Here, I discuss why Sony should update their adapters:

Great article (as usual; I'm a subscriber of your site, do you have a donate link BTW?), but you forget about one thing: the manufacturer is not your friend. The primary task of Sony is not making you happy, but earning money from you and/or other people.

So I see a perfect sense for Sony in leaving the things as they are now:

  1. There's a good adapter for motorized A-mount glass - check.
  2. There's not so good, but working adapter for screw-driven glass - check.
  3. Nobody else offer an adapter for screw-driven glass - check.
  4. The sales of modern E-mount lenses and A-mount bodies are not cannibalized - check-check.

Yes, you're right, the users of A-mount system are less lucky than those who're invested into F-mount, because there's a higher chance that they own the screw-driven lenses. On the other hand, they still can auto-focus, while their Nikon fellows (which are fewer in relative numbers, of course) can not. BTW, in absolute numbers, the screw-driven Nikon lenses may be in absolute majority over A-mount counterparts, don't they?

I don't think that Sony really cares about their comfort in 2018. Now all efforts are directed to E-mount, and making v.2 adapter would simply draw resources with no positive financial outcome.

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