Any reason to get the 18 F2 when I have the 16 F1.4?

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Re: On the fence about the 18...

curiouspeter wrote:

markusw wrote:

curiouspeter wrote:

liggy wrote:

It is tiny. If you don’t care about corner sharpness it could be your walk around lens. It might be one of my least used lenses but I love the form factor down to the aesthetics of the hood.

Makes 35mm 1.4 noises but without that certain 35 1.4 magic, I’m afraid.

Unless you need small and light specifically I wouldn’t bother. If I had to sell a lens tomorrow it would be the 18mm.

Okay, I will get the 35 F1.4 first. I am quite new to the system and the 16 is all I have for now.

I did rent the 35 TWICE. I know that magic. The AF is not bad at all. The only time it failed to focus was when I had the lens cap on the X-Pro1.

Good choice, love the 35 even for cityscapes!

However, I would draft my entire lens kit first, to avoid overlaps at the end. If you want to go for a 50/56 as well, I would probably avoid the 35, would be too close for me. In this case, I would go for a 23. Another example, I wanted to have the 18 as walkaround lens and, if I want to go very light, as my „one lens only kit“. Therefore, I added the 14 as WA instead of the 16 (which would be nice for f1.4) and the 35.

On the other hand, I bought all my lenses 2nd hand - so you could sell them for the same prize again.

Originally, I was planning to buy the 14+18+35 combo. However, after trying the 16 I just must get it.

I probably will not get a prime longer than the 35. Further down the road, the 55-200 or the 50-140 could be an option.

So, maybe the 23 1.4 would be a good „in-between“ prime for you? Can serve as a one-cam-one-lens kit as well.

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