Some observations regarding the new Fuji offerings

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Some observations regarding the new Fuji offerings

I went to a presentation of the new X-T3 yesterday and was able to try out the cameras they had available there, mainly the X-T3, but also (!!!!) a GFX with some "interesting" glass.

I had an invitation from

  • Observation 1: Fuji seems to be on a roll at least here in New Zealand with a presentation circuit going over all of NZ. Apart from introductions at some of the shops here, there is also a presentation with models available (allegedly) at the Fuji headquarters.
  • Observation 2: Instead of the megapixel race, Fuji decided to concentrate on faster quad-core chips, faster readout and faster image processing. In particular the eye detect I thought was fabulous. A review on a youtube link can only go so far but using this for yourself?? Man ...
  • Observation 3: The AF point structure is liberating. Not much more to add here just fabulous!
  • Observation 4: A novelty, a gimmick if you like, is the new sports-mode where you see an extra frame in the viewfinder for a 16Mpx readout. I turned this off more or less straight away, but since the default settings on the 5 bodies available at the shop (60+ attendants & staff) I tried this out and thought that II would quickly reverse my original verdict re a gimmick, but thought it was an interesting feature to try. A notch above Panasonics 8k frame select after the act! The 30fps runs like a silent machine gun, no blackout I noticed.

Only day one for me but I could already see room for improvement:

  • 1. When you turn on the camera there seems to be an array of messages reagrding "image transfers" and how to do them. This is meant to facilitate the image transfer to a smart phone allegedly, but since I saw this on all 5 camera bodies I thought that this might be a matter of a welcome screen. Not sure but the Fuji guy I asked couldn't turn it off. This slows down the handling as I always had to wait for the messages to disappear.
  • 2. AF didn't work occasionally where the AF mode had to be re-set in the menu (the Fuji guy did this) where the 80/2.8 macro would only focus in manual mode, would chase and struggle and left me with a completely blurred image. A limiter maybe kicking in, dunno. Re-starting the camera and mounting other lenses and then starting from scratch didn't work here!
  • 3. New Firmware already available on day one: this might address the above mentioned issue.
  • 4. The menu leaves your last item you ticked live - until you add one item into "My Menu". Maybe there is a setting somewhere where you can keep your last item "live" as when you change aspect ratios, this could be MUCH faster to operate!
  • 5. When you chose 16:9 the LCD blacks out the parts that are not part of the recording the jpg (even though the recorded RAW will be the full sensor!). IMO it would be better to use a frame - like in sports mode - so you can see the whole sensor RAW recording. This would also apply for video as I would LOVE to see outside the frame to see what I am missing.

Having said all that, I thought it was a pleasure to shoot with that camera and I am particularly taken with the eye AF! And that in a shop where ISO800 got you a measly 1/18s on a fast lens ...


Interesting camera for sure!


P.S.: A couple of side-notes:

The GFX I used with the 110/2, heavy as but not uncomfortable but the almost 2 second screen blackout after you take a photo I found ... what's the word ... utterly offputting. And I thought the Hasselblad was bad ... I guess I could never get my head around this?? Take 3 photos in a row and you might have to take the day off *exaggerating*.

The 80/2.8 is a truly stunning lens with great bokeh and the OIS works really well. I particularly liked the soft roll-off.

Note also that ISO6400 was used here!


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