The Outdated A-mount to E-mount adapter issue

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Re: The Outdated A-mount to E-mount adapter issue

SQLGuy wrote:

havoc315 wrote:

yes, Sony supports the screw drive lenses — but the support is so weak as to be meaningless. You’re better off buying a used SLT camera than adapting a screw drive lens to an e-mount camera.

Wow! I didn't realize how meaningless my use of screw drive lenses has been on my A7 cameras. Thanks for the enlightenment.

I'm sure this shot would have been just as easy with manual focus, for instance.

No. Not meaningless. Quite useful.

Yes, I wish they had a mirrorless screw-drive adapter and/or one with a more modern PDAF system, but the fact is that the only full frame A mount cameras better than the LA-EA4 are the A99 and A99II. And, no, I would not be better off buying and carrying one of those than using this adapter. They're great cameras, and they would perform better, but that's a lot of money and a lot of bulk for not a lot of advantage IQ-wise.

Even if money were no object, at the time I took this shot there was no E-mount native 400mm.

Not a good example at all. One can get that simple shoot even with a MF lens. In case one see a motivation to do such a shoot. Not me, BTW.

The OP is absolutelly right. Sony is not giving people good adapters.

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