Tanzania Africa - Fuji W3 Univeral View Pics plus some info...

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Re: Tanzania Africa - Fuji W3 Univeral View Pics plus some info...

Tourlou wrote:

Sorry to ask but, why 3 pictures? Special viewing technique? When I cross eyes on these ones, I end-up with 2 perspectives, one reversed and one positive!?!

This is the universal L-R-L technique. Two pictures to the left can be viewed straight on with the left eye focused on the left most pic and the right focused on the center pic--not crosseyed for free 3D viewing. The two on the right require crosseyed viewing to see the 3D. The advantage of crosseyed viewing is you can make the images much larger. For free viewing, the center of the images must be kept to about 2.5 inches apart or your eyes will have to turn-out to see the 3D.

Also, some people on the forum have viewers that can view larger L-R images for straight on parallel viewing. Here is an example viewer:


The 3D sensation is usually much better when viewed this way. Crosseyed viewing tends to miniaturized the perception of the images because our brain thinks we are looking at objects up close when looking crosseyed

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