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tbcass wrote:

I would add that in my experience any device that does multiple functions is never as good at any one of those functions as a device dedicated to one thing. That certainly goes for smartphones vs dedicated cameras.

Sure, that's pretty much a given. But the idea - like any multifunction device really - is that a good smartphone will do pretty much everything it does well enough for most people in most situations and that's the point. Some things it does uniquely well - like making phone calls and sending txt messages, and integrating different functions.

My new Samsung Galaxy S9 has an excellent camera for a phone but of course it isn't as good as any of my dedicated cameras - probably not even my old 7mp Panasonic compact and certainly not my 6mp (or is it 5mp?) D50.

But not even my A7ii (even if it could fit into my trousers pocket) could take a photo that my girlfriend in another city can see 10 seconds after I took it, complete with a cheesy message and cute little emoticons and a link to the website of the place I was at (which happened to be the place where I found a new geocache which my phone's email functionality told me about and the geocaching app that drew on my phone's GPS directed me to and let me electronically log on the spot). No other device (other than a tablet, which is essentially a larger version of the same thing) can do that.

And that - as we all know - is ultimately the point.

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