Some shots from the Red Sea with Meikon/SeaFrogs gear

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Re: Some shots from the Red Sea with Meikon/SeaFrogs gear

When I bought the ST-100, I naively expected to get TTL with the sync cable. When that failed, I began to search for more information (which I should have done before the purchase), and found >>that most cases with sync cable strobe connections do not provide TTL,

Indeed, even Inon does not make TTL with the electrical connection. Except the old TTL protocol of argentic strobe for old Nikonos. It's probably the same for the Seafrogs.

the exception being Ikelite which provides TTL via sync cable and a $37>>5 TTL converter, which works only with their brand of strobe.

Other brands do it but it's much more expensive than Ikelite.

An after market solution for the Meikon a7Rii case could be the so-called Turtle.

Exactly not, because the seaFrogs do not know how to exploit the optical signals. He will have the same behavior.

The easiest way will be to buy an Inon flash when they become available again. In France at the moment, it is in the dropper.

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