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Re: With most brands going mirrorless, what should Pentax do?

falconeyes wrote:

More than five years ago, I wrote why Pentax must go FF immediately. My main reason was that they must close the FF chapter to release resources to go mirrorless. Before it is too late.

My prediction was they won‘t and that Pentax will go FF when everybody else goes FF mirrorless. That‘s basically what has happened now, i.e., it is too late now.

Ricoh bought Pentax for the K mount. As Ricoh has some heritage with the K mount. I can‘t see Ricoh spilling out the money to develop a new mount. I can‘t see a K mount mirrorless system to succeed. I can‘t see anybody to buy Pentax from Ricoh for the K mount. Except maybe to develop a good adapter (Sony?). Maybe using the E mount would be an option for Pentax but then again, that‘s against Pentax heritage.

So as sad as it sounds, it is game over. People saw it coming years ago. There are 5 to 10 years Ricoh can still milk the K mount. And then will sell the K mount license off to whoever bids most. I wished I could tell a better story. I really wished as I love Pentax.

What are you? A self appointed expert?  E-mount is not an option any more than R mount or Z-mount is.  It is not open. it is only available to qualified lens or accessory makers, and certainly not to other camera makers. Maybe Panasonic will do something like the m43 consortium with their rumored full frame. We'll have to wait and see. Otherwise Ricoh can either make their own mount system, use K-mount or don't make mirrorless at all.

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