Lightroom Classic Lens Profile Default not Working

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Lightroom Classic Lens Profile Default not Working


I want to have lens profiles automatically applied to RAW images in Lightroom Classic. So I had a very helpful user here help me out with this a couple years ago with LR6, so I'm not completely clueless about how it works.

So I tick the "Enable Lens Corrections" box to enable, then I save this as a global default (Develop > Set Develop Settings). The "Setup" field underneath changes to "Auto". I Imported a new image, and this part works correctly, although says "Unable to load lens profile" with new images.

Thanks ok though, because I know I need to now set a default profile for the lens, to override the auto function. So I choose the Make/Model/Profile from the drop downs (which changes Setup to "Custom"). Then in the same "setup" drop down I choose "Save new lens profile defaults".

When I then import a new RAW to test, "enable lens corrections" is ticked and "default" is showing in the setup field (which are correct), but I get "None" for the 3 lens dropdowns, and the same message: "Unable to load lens profile".

Interestingly, if I untick "Enable Lens Corrections" then re-tick it, it assigns the correct default profile.

I've tried resetting all settings to adobe defaults, uninstalling the app and deleting preferences and reinstalling, and using new catalogs. I've tried using older bodies (like my Canon 1DSM2 that this process worked with in the above link), as well as different lenses and profiles (there are v2 profiles for some lenses now, tried both).

Has this process changed in v7/Classic? I'm using the latest MacOS 10.13.6 and Lightroom Classic 7.5 (ACR 10.5).

I tried Adobe's forum, but I can't get a browser to load their forums (tried Safari. Chrome, and Firefox and in private/incognito modes and always get a "too many redirects" error). Just want to move on!



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