B700 vs. P1000, which to keep

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B700 vs. P1000, which to keep

Okay, I joined the band yesterday and bought a P1000 at BB. Wow, the box is big and heavy...hmmm. I have a B700, which replaced a P610. I proved to myself that the B700 was sharper and more capable than the P610, plus has 4K video.

Then I got to reading about the P1000 and it's glorious 3000mm range vs. the 1440mm of the B700....so here goes. I was able to take some shots of my favorite subject, the electrical pole about 150+ feet away from the house. I've used it on every camera and it does tell me a lot.

I set both cameras to Program with relatively the same settings. I think the B700 says it has more saturation in the EXIF, though. These are all handheld, even the full max digital zoom pics. See the comments at the end.

I did save most of these at about 95% of original jpeg compression so keep that in mind.

First, a comparison of the relative size of both cameras:

With full zoom--YIKES!! The P1000 is definitely DSLR size with a big zoom lens that would match the weight and length of all those cameras and lenses I got rid of years ago because of size and weight. But...I'm willing to give it a chance. It has to knock my socks off, though. The B700 is pretty good.

This is a general shot of a glass garden object--one of my favorite objects to photograph since the glass has a lot of reflection dynamics. The B700 has always done a great job of it. Here are two shots. Interesting that the zooms are off by just 75mm, but the B700 seems larger than it should comparatively. Hmmm?

B700-SOOC. Garden glass object of a Flamingo--I do like the warm color--what the white balance saw. Feel free to zoom in. Has good depth to it for 550mm.

P1000-SOOC. Same object at 476mm. A wider angle for sure. Cooler white balance. Appears to have less noise but tends to blow out whites. (ie. the reflection on the body).

Ok, lets have some fun as a long distance macro. Here are two shots of a snap dragon flower. The P1000 at full zoom--3000mm and the B700 at 2744mm digital zoom. Yup, digital zoom works well on the B700 and I use often.

P1000-SOOC. 3000mm. Note again the slight blow out of the color on some petals.

I suppose correcting setting EV lower would have saved this somewhat.

B700-SOOC. 2744mm digital zoom. Mellow coloring and a little sharper due to no color blowout.

Here are two pics of the electrical pole. They are at different zooms. The P1000 appears a little sharper with slightly less noise.

P1000-SOOC. 750mm zoom. Nice and sharp.

B700-SOOC.1,100mm.  Nice color. Also fairly sharp, but when pixel peeked, more noise I think. What is odd is that the B700 captured the vague clouds in the lower part of the image enough to see clearly and the P1000 did not. And I can attest that they were there. Hmmm. Maybe the P1000 needs -1/3 less EV.

Now for a closer look at full zoom.

P1000-SOOC. 3,000mm. Note the high contrast, which helps the apparent sharpness of the letters and numbers on the insulators. Again, the sky has little noise, that's nice. But I'm noticing that the P1000 is using contrast sharpness to improve definition vs. actual lens sharpness. I will say the depth of field is really good considering the insulator on the left if fairly sharp as well as the ones closer to the camera. That's a good foot difference in between them.

B700-SOOC. 3,168mm digital zoom. Looks good. More noise if you pixel peek, but letters and numbers are readable. I'm not sure there is enough difference between the cameras to keep the P1000. Hmmm.

Ok, the final test. The first pic is from the P1000 at 3000mm. The second is from the B700 at 1440mm then cropped and slightly enhanced to match the P1000. Pretty dang close I'd say.

P1000- SOOC- 3,000mm full zoom. Pretty sharp, I must say.

B700-Sharpened 1440mm cropped to match the P1000 zoom. Not bad for a big crop.

Well, this has become a head scratcher. Yes, it's very unscientific and many will say the P1000 isn't all that good at 3,000mm so don't use it, but hey, if you are going to offer it then it better be usable, or why switch from the lowly B700 that only does 1,440mm max??

And for chits and giggles, here is a 12,000 max digital zoom from the P1000. And a 5,760mm max digital zoom from the B700.

P1000-SOOC. 12,000mm digital zoom. Not bad for handheld, though you can see some double image blurring at the bottom of the insulators.

B700-SOOC. 5,760mm digital zoom. Handheld as well.

Both the B700 and P1000 have similar menu features, and you will see that they both default to Target AF. The camera will search for what it thinks is the object you want in focus the most. When zooming in, this almost always doesn't work, or it takes an average focus. Try using the Manual (Spot) AF. I have found that to beep in focus more often with long zoom. But even that can be an issue. First zoom out halfway and do a focus, then zoom in and try focusing again. Usually, this will help snap the focus in place. I found the P1000 to react exactly like the B700 for focusing. I realize this wasn't a full test, and I didn't include any birds or wildlife, which tend to be the objects of choice when picking a camera. I will see if I can do that in a few days.

I just don't think I can rationalize lugging such a big camera around anymore. It's not big, it's huge...You bring this out at a party or other gathering and people are going to run for cover...lol. And, it's just not a camera you can walk around with comfortably because if you are not holding on to it, it can't just hang from your neck as I've found out--try hanging a quart bottle of milk from your neck--that's about it..;o).

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