That stonking big 4K TV you bought for your photos

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Re: That stonking big 4K TV you bought for your photos

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Mackiesback wrote:

I actually just bought a 4K 55" TV for $375 last week, mostly because they are so cheap and I wanted a smart TV so I could work towards cutting the cable bill.

I have thought about looking at images on it, but have no idea how to go about it. It is in a room nowhere near a computer. Du people just put it on a USB thumb drive? If so how do you navigate? Hook up their laptops through an HDMI port? Interested in hearing how people view images on these things.

If you have a smartphone, you can start with that. It is really a different experience looking at photos on the big screen.

Your smart TV and phone should have a casting feature. Turn that on and whatever you see on your phone you can mimic on the big screen.

If you have a chromecast or the TV is chromecast enabled you can cast your desktop/laptop.

You will need to setup it up, but once done it is simple as clicking on the cast button in the chrome browser.

Rather than pepper you with questions about this casting feature, I did a quick Google search and found out more. I have an iPhone 8 running the latest IOS, and my TV is not an Apple TV. I do have a Chromecast dongle out in the garage. And I downloaded the iMedia Share app, so it looks like I can get phone and tablet content on to the big TV, but that is not where my archive is stored.

I saw an ad for a product called Photostick on one the the YouTube videos explaining this stuff, and basically it's a usb thumb drive that finds all the photos in your computer hard drive and loads them onto the stick. I suppose I would just plug that into the usb port on the TV and there they would be. Curious to what this Photostick does above and beyond just a standard thumb drive for the $29.95 they want. I will play around with it tonight.

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