Just in case Olympus calls me....

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daleeight Senior Member • Posts: 1,979
Just in case Olympus calls me....

Just in case Olympus calls me and asks, fat chance, which of these wide options would be the most needed, for you, if you shoot in this wide range....?

 daleeight's gear list:daleeight's gear list
Olympus PEN-F Olympus E-M1 II Olympus M.Zuiko Digital 45mm F1.8 Olympus M.Zuiko Digital ED 60mm 1:2.8 Macro Olympus M.Zuiko Digital ED 75mm F1.8 +6 more
Redesigned Olympus 7-14 f/2.8 Pro with drop in filters at rear (like a new Canon adapter does).
8.3% 8  votes
Redesigned Olympus 9-18 variable, WITH weather sealing, keeping it way smaller than 7-14 Pro but accepting filters on front.
63.5% 61  votes
Redesigned Olympus 12mm f/2.0 (or 1.8) that is weather sealed.
9.4% 9  votes
Something like these, but different....
18.8% 18  votes
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