That stonking big 4K TV you bought for your photos

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Guy Parsons
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Not stonking but a sensible size for the room and our watching habits. It's a 43" LG 4K smart TV bought from Brisbane as the price was significantly better than in Sydney.

Ron Poelman wrote:

how well is is working out ?


Do you keep it near the computer to help with editing ?

No, edit done usually on notebooks for not-so-important stuff, done on 24" 1920x1200 calibrated IPS monitor for "important" stuff.

Did it end up in another room just for displaying photos full time ?


Did it end up being "just" a TV which you use once in a blue moon to look at some photos ?

A bit more than just blue moon use for photos, usually plug in a USB stick of some collection to have a look.

Most times it acts as a monitor for a fancy-schmancy triple tuner PVR blu-ray player, often looking at TV broadcast movies another night and skid through the ads so we get to bed earlier.

Sometimes use the TV in its smart mode to go You-Tubing (but not for cat videos) and also catch up watching of programs from various local channels if we failed to record them.

TV and PVR are cabled to the home network so they get firmware updates easily and fairly regularly it seems with the TV. Maybe one day I'll master using my NAS as a storage device for media, currently it is just a big backup device.

Did you buy a cheapie and properly adjusted, found it more than good enough or should you have spent more ?

Not so cheap really, just made sure that it wasn't in shop mode and things look OK.

If you spent a bomb, was it worth it ?

A bomb as far as I was concerned (Just under Oz$1,000 to watch crappy TV programs?) but in reality it was definitely cheaper than some that JBHiFi advertise. A new car will come before an 77" 4K OLED screen at Oz$12,996, that is way way way down in the list.

Just interested in usage experiences.
FWIW, we can buy 60" of 4K here for OZ $600, i'm sure the motion is rubbish, but people seem to be able to get the colour about right; why spend more for stills ?

The stuff that Aldi flogs regularly seems OK, have a couple of their small (24") sets, but they never had a smartie like the LG model in the size I wanted so settled with LG. Are the cheapies reliable and can they be warranty repaired easily?

The expected life of these gadgets now is way shorter than the CRT TVs that I used to have as all electronic gear is just seen as short life throwaway stuff. Depressing, isn't it?

Regards..... Guy

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