Canon 7D Mark 11 image quality after reducing image size

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Re: Canon 7D Mark 11 image quality after reducing image size

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I'm using exactly the same method of down sizing with the 40D as I 'am with the 7D and have only ever used Bicubic to save the images.

The only thing I can think of that I've done differently in the settings is use the portrait style rather then the standard with the same amount of sharpening +2 only, I was recommended portrait style as it gives less sharp images.

Next time I use the camera I intend using standard picture style like with my 40D's and vary the sharpness.

Well as I mentioned earlier you weren't getting +2 sharpening and I doubt you were getting Portrait in CS2 unless I'm missing something.

Go back and check the original posts, the OP is shooting JPGs, not RAW so his camera settings are baked into his images.

Oh I missed that. Thanks for the update.

As I said in an earlier post, the camera Portrait profile does soften the JPG images slightly (it also adds a warm tint) but he is then adding +2 sharpening. The two things are fighting each other.

His decision to go back to the camera Standard profile with no added sharpening is a good one.

I can't remember if camera profiles were offered in CS2. CS2 was my first software purchase in 2005. If it did you would have to select it because it would open as Adobe Standard.

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