GH3 or Em5 II for SECOND body? (Please read fully)

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GH3 or Em5 II for SECOND body? (Please read fully)

Hi all,

About a year and a half ago I sold off my Sony A77 II and went micro 4/3, getting the GX85. This was due to size, image stabilization and the fact that I was more often choosing my LX100 over my a77 II even when my Sony would do the job better strictly for size. For the most part I am very happy, but recently I’ve run into a couple issues.

1. Occasionally I need a microphone input. While I can use an external recorder, it doesn’t always work well in my workflow.

2. I find myself missing weather sealing a lot for walks in rain, or shots in harsh winter conditions.

3. Sometimes, not often but sometimes I do miss the larger grip and SLR-style body with center EVF. And when I do...I really do.

Video wise, the gx85 is absolutely 100% perfect as my A-camera. I shoot video in 1080p (downscaled from 4K), so either option mentioned would not be an issue with mixing. As well, image stabilization is NOT a consideration here as the gx85 fills that need for when I need to have that.

The reason I have been looking at the GH3 and EM5 II is that they both have weather sealing, have mic jacks, and the em5 II has a great optional grip. Also, most importantly, they are cheap. The g85 is too similar and too expensive to consider for this, as are most other options. Meanwhile, I can get an em5 II for about $400 used and the gh3 often goes for $200-250. So, I guess my questions are-

1. GH3-as far as IQ (especially at iso1600 for stills), is it a significant downgrade from my gx85? As well, how much worse is the auto focus?

2. I know the em5 II improved its video greatly with the firmware 2.0. How does it compare to the gh3’s video?

3. If you were me and essentially choosing an absolutely unnecessary second camera body for very specific uses, what would you choose and why?

Thank you!!

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