Anybody shooting Fuji X-Trans along with Nikon FF?

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Re: Anybody shooting Fuji X-Trans along with Nikon FF?

Giovanni_1968 wrote:

I am a bit tired of carrying the D800, don't get me wrong, I simply love it for what I like to do with a camera but it's not the perfect tool nor is a lightweight.

I also own and sometimes shoot a Fuji X-Pro1 along with three lenses, the 14/2.8, the 35/1.4 and the 18-55/2.8-4, the all are fantastic, very well built, lightweight and super sharp, the zoom is amazing to be a kit lens, not perfect at all but great for what it is, I don't like too much the out of focus area of the 35 but it is so damn sharp, the 14 is incredible, very sharp and almost free of distortion. The three lenses offer a manual aperture ring, the focus is by wire which means no feel during manual focusing but am not into that so no big deal for me, the 16MP sensor does pretty well but the electronic in the X-Pro1 make it a very slow one still I find it being a better tool than my D800 when shooting a burst (6fps vs 4fps and incredibly accurate focus even for such a slough like the Pro1 is vs the D800 but for sure it's my fault not having paid any time to learn AF-C on the Nikon).

Now, since I like semi-candid portrait I find the D800 with the 85/1.8 to be a perfect tool for me whilst I have no 85mm equivalent on the Fuji and I wouldn't want to fork big money for their 56 but I would still like a lighter than a DSLR camera for everyday use and since I already own three good lenses I am thinking to upgrade to a Fuji X-T2 now that with the X-T3 approaching shops the prices are free falling. For everyday use, besides shallower depth of field, the D800 is big and heavy whereas the Fuji compactness (I know, extra batteries...) would help and, in many circumstances, also the increased DOF of the DX sensor might come handy (many a times shooting f8-f11 still doesn't allow me to take a couple pic with both faces in good focus in a range between 35-50mm to include some background) so the question is, for those of you who shoot both Nikon FullFrame and Fuji X-Trans, is the quality of the files comparable or FF still got a noticeable advantage over the smaller sensor DR wise?

Handling wise, I like to focus with the back AF button, is that a comfy road with the Fuji ones?

I know I could try it all with my X-Pro1 but its sluggishness makes me loose interest, I tried an X-T2 off of a client a few days ago and I was astonished by the viewfinder and how quick and reliable the focus was even tho using the 35/2 lens so I don't know if newer gen lenses focus quicker or if also mine could get a new breed of life.

Portrait wise, focusing on an eye, much difference between, say, my D800 and a recent Fuji body?

I am curious to hear your impressions, I am tempted to wait for the Z6 to become available but bulk would be greater not to say price more than double but I could use my few Nikon G lenses through the adaptor but, still, sometimes a DX body comes handy...

Grazie for your attention

I have two systems Nikon FF and Fujifilm X ...check my gear list and yes, I am a professional...links below.

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