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Re: 500 pf samples from me

jeanphilippe Goube wrote:

Lance B wrote:

jeanphilippe Goube wrote:

Nice serie Mike !

Thank you very much, but it is Lance, not Mike.:-)

I'm waiting mine, may be next Week;

How do you compare it in terms of sharpness vs a 400 f2.8 FL with a 1,4 TC ?

The 400 + 1.4x TC is possibly still a tad sharper.

I Wonder if the iso value of the shot 13 is correct ? Iso 8000 seems unlogical compared to the other falcons shots with more or less the same parameters (1/4000, f5.6) and as the time of capture is the same, I assume that the light conditions are the same ?


Certainly is ISO8000. However, I think I was shooting at that particular time with Auto ISO and had it dialled up by 2/3 stop. This was because they were flying in the sky, but this one decided to fly below the cliff and the camera was fooled by the relatively dark water so it boosted up the ISO. It was a tad over exposed, but I dialled it down in post.

Well you really made a great job in post processing the picture as the noise is clean too. According to photonstophoto website, it is not useful to go past 6400 or maybe 8000 iso with the D850, as higher iso are reached without analogical amplification. But maybe you already know that and you have limited the upper iso limit to 8000 (which I did) ?


Thank you for your comments. No, I don't have an upper limit set.

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