New Apple iPhone Xs photo features impressive...BUT!res

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I always wait for at least second version.I am using using the SE and 5s 3 years before SE. I've skipped all the 6, 6s, 7, and 8 models. I am likely to get the 6.5" Xs Max.

I'm sure that will make you very happy.

I'm not happy with the price though. Seems exorbitant. Samsung is going the same direction and there is the Red phone Hydrogen One.

It is exorbitant. But there is an army of 'Apple-must-haves' with too much money who think their image and bravado will be boosted if they are seen with the latest gadget, even 'tho there was nothing wrong with the one in their pocket. The same goes for the overly priced Apple watch.

Did you know that the latest iPhones are still USB 2.0? I am uncertain what the delay is going to USB 3.0. iPad Pros are already at USB3.0.. Hard to find confirmation but you can look for it.

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