Sending lens to Sigma for AF adjustment?

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Sending lens to Sigma for AF adjustment?

A few months ago, I bought a new Sigma 50mm 1.4 Art lens. I've never been able to get photos sharp with it wide open. Originally, I assumed it was user error, and kept working on my technique, but didn't really have any luck with improvements. Then I tried adjusting the auto focus adjustment using one of the cheaper lens calibration targets that Amazon sells. That helped some, but still not to where I think it should be.

So I finally broken down and purchased Reikan's Focal2 software. I ran my other lens through it, and most were right on the dot, or somewhere within +/-3. When I tried my Sigma from the different distances that their software allows you to adjust the focus at (.4M, .7M, 1.5M and infinity), my best adjustment was +16. The other three were +17, +19 and +22.

To me, this is unacceptable, and I imagine that it should be taken care of under warranty.

My question is, if I send it to Sigma to have them fix the issue, will they just throw the lens onto a USB dock and set the values to +20, +19, +16 and +17? Or will they actually fix the issue? Does anyone have experience with this?

The lens is well within its warranty, but past the point of returning it to the retailer that I bought it from for an exchange.

I can post the reports that Reikan created, if it would help.

The exact values calculated were:

  • 0.4M +22
  • 0.7M +19
  • 1.5M +16
  • ∞ +17


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