No more shooting with hood in reverse position?

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No more shooting with hood in reverse position?

I've just took note of the fact that the control ring on genuine RF lenses is always located at the foremost part of the lens:

Before this moment, the hood in reverse position usually blocked only manual focusing. I like shooting with reverse hood, and I hated the foremost placement of zoom ring in my Tamron 70-300 mm lens, so I had to employ the push-pull zoom technique with that lens.

But now, with RF lenses you'll simply lose access to a certain camera setting until you remove the hood. Alternatively, you'll need to have two dials assigned to the same setting, or simply set the Lens Control Ring to OFF.

I wonder, if other people value shooting with stored hood as much as me, or it's just a minor inconvenience, doesn't worth mentioning?

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I don't shoot with reverse hood. Why should I?
86.4% 57  votes
I'm used to shoot with reverse-mounted hood, but I can easily undo this habit with RF lens, so it's more or less fine.
10.6% 7  votes
I really like shooting with reverse-mounted hood, and position of Lens Control Ring will be the major inconvenience for me.
3.0% 2  votes
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